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Harris, Rosales & Harris are here to help...

We are a full-service law firm that has been representing clients for over 15 years in Northern California. We offer representation in Real Estate, Landlord-Tenant, Family law, Personal Injury and DUI Defense.

Whatever your issue may be it is imperative that you have an experienced Attorney on your side to represent and/or at least advise you of the strength of your case and your options.

We have one main priority and that is you. Our firm will provide you with professional excellence, creative solutions, client involvement, and the fullest dedication to your issues while at all times exploring options for resolution and striving to keep the expenses and costs of litigation at a minimum.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your situation, please call us at:

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  • I entered into a contract to purchase a home and at the last minute the seller changed her mind and refused to sign closing escrow documents. Being very emotional, I contacted Harris, Rosales & Harris for legal representation. Not only was Harris, Rosales and Harris able to get the escrow closed but they were able to get my attorney fees and costs reimbursed to me. I strongly recommend Harris, Rosales and Harris to anyone who has a real estate dispute and needs legal representation.

    B. R., Harris, Rosales & Harris, Client

  • I have been using Harris, Rosales and Harris for many years. They are excellent Landlord attorneys whose trial preparation and courtroom demeanor is unsurpassed. I can always get in contact with them if I need any question answered. In my opinion, there are no better Landlord attorneys than Harris, Rosales & Harris!

    L. H., Harris, Rosales & Harris, Client

  • Attorney Scott Harris has handled several legal matters for me over the years. Each time, he has been incredibly helpful. It is obvious to me that he has a great understanding of the law. I also regard him as being passionate, ethical and caring. Great qualities in a lawyer! I have seen him in action in a tough court case and he was skillful, persuasive, and efficient. In my opinion, he is an excellent lawyer. The services he provided have been absolutely outstanding. I consider myself fortunate to have found him and to have benefitted from his professional services.

    A. S., Harris, Rosales & Harris, Client

  • After being injured in an auto accident, I suffered injuries to my lower back and head. The insurance company of the driver who hit me hounded me to settle the case out of court. They offered an amount of money that would not have even covered my medical expenses and they wanted me to sign medical release documents so they could get all my medical records! I contacted Harris, Rosales & Harris and was able to get a settlement that exponentially exceeded the insurance company’s initial offer. I can’t say enough good things about Harris, Rosales and Harris. They are very compassionate, aggressive, and I felt they really had my best interest at all stages of my case!

    J. F., Harris, Rosales & Harris, Client